Representativeness Value

Herberton Mining Museum artefact collection

Berdan pan and ball

Moffat V3 engine

Monitor for hydraulicking

Replica poppet head

Tin jigs

Herberton Mining Museum Surrounds

5 head stamp

The artefact collection has high representative value for historical tin mining technology. Nearly every process – mineral identification, prospecting, hand alluvial mining, hydraulicking, dredging, hard rock mining, geological understanding, assaying, and ore processing – has an artefact or archive collection relevant to it.  Most artefacts on display are reasonably intact and have not been ‘restored’ apart from the Moffat-Virtue engine and Southern Cross farm engine. The artefact collection is also representative of the historical material culture of miners, town residents and families. The Archive does strongly represent the type of collections built up by families and community organisations in north Queensland.

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