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The Herberton Mining Museum History Association Inc. (HMMHA) supports the operations of the Herberton Mining Museum and collection management. An important component of these works include researching and documenting aspects of mining history in north Queensland, with particular emphasis on the Herberton Mineral Field. A key facility in the Research area is the Public Research Room. This room is used for workshops, history presentations, special celebrations, commemorations in small groups and for individual research. HMMHA meets quarterly in this room.

HMMHA members also respond to inquiries from the public about mining and family histories and collect and maintain an archive of relevant documents and other material that supports the endeavours of the museum. This includes but is not limited to the collection and preservation of artefacts, maps, photos, mineral specimens and other mining paraphernalia. The quality of our work in this field was recognised in 2020 when the Herberton Mining Museum and its volunteers were honoured to receive the John Oxley Library Community History Award. Scroll down for more information.

Preserving Our History

Award Winning Preservation Donate To The Archives

In 2020, the Herberton Mining Museum and its volunteers were honoured to receive the John Oxley Library Community History Award. This award recognises the efforts of the museum to preserve and make accessible their archives and collections through their project to provide a Community Research Room and consolidate Collection Management.

The project has resulted in: the creation of a community research area, the transformation of an overcrowded collection space into a collections operation centre and dedicated archives space, and the training of volunteers in collection policy and management.

Donations to the archives and other collections are welcomed. If you have objects and information that you think could be valuable additions to the records, we would love to hear from you. The Collections Policy is that we target mining history and its accompanying social history. Materials donated are logged into the catalogue and become the formal property of the Tablelands Regional Council, thus ensuring they remain in public ownership for the use of the local and wider community. Just contact the museum for more information.

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