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Herberton Family History Research

HMC Researchers love a challenge and enjoy piecing together the history of Herberton and the people who have inhabited the local area. There are rolling displays in the Research Room which change about every three months. These enable showcasing items in the collections and give an opportunity for further information and story gathering. We currently have reference to over 500 family histories in our Research Room. We look forward to other families sharing their family histories. We can assist with enquiries of current histories and new inquiries are welcome.

Preserving Our History

Donations Are Gratefully Received

Are there stories, photos, items in your family’s connections with Herberton that need checking or preserving? We seek and find data in our own resources or liaise with other sources of information as we did for the donation of six beautiful, framed photos, two dating back to 1879. Who were they? Did the two older persons meet romantically on a voyage out to Australia as told in one family story? What’s in a name? Were the names given real? It turned out a saga and the search continues.

Donations are gratefully received and copies can be made of any items for our records if you wish to keep the originals.

Historic Mining Leases in Herberton District

You can search these two .pdf files to find historic mine leases in the Herberton district. They include over 6000 entries  of mine names. location, leaseholders and minerals mined. (Hint: search both files to see all entries)

miningleasesqld P1

miningleasesqld P2

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