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We have a collection of original and digitised photos acquired from donors and also collected by our researchers. Our photo booth is set up to obtain professional images of objects donated to the Museum. We are also digitising the rate books of the old Herberton Shire Council to preserve the records for the present Tablelands Regional Council. These records also assist our researchers when conducting family enquiries. Donations are always welcomed and you can retain the original as we have duplicating facilities on site at the museum. Scroll down for more information. Photo Acknowledgement: Photographs on this website sourced from Herberton Mining Centre collection, Sherrie Cockell Photography, RJ New Designs and family collections.

Preserving Our History

Donations Are Always Welcomed

This is a fantastic photo taken on Anzac Day, 1917. Imagine if the photographer hadn’t been there and hadn’t taken this photo? For the people in this photo it was simply their day-to-day life and, just as for us today, life always seems normal and even mundane. For people in a hundred years’ time, our lives will be fascinating, and what we see as ordinary now will seem extraordinary.

That’s why it’s important to record what we can NOW, and right now we have an opportunity to record people in our community or family members who have memories of a different time.

Donations of old photos are always welcomed. You may like to donate the original, but we also have duplicating facilities so we can make a copy and return the original to you. For our records, we would ask you supply as much information as possible with your donation including any conditions you may wish to append to your donation.

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