The Fire Trails Great Northern Walks

The Great Northern Firetrails Walks commence from the Herberton Mining Museum. The trails vary from easy to moderate to difficult, and vary from 1.3km to 12km in length. A short description of each walk is given below. However, walkers should be aware that the longer walks do require some bushmanship skills. Although there are markers along the trails, human and animal activity can disturb those markers. Stay on the trails so you do not encounter hazards from old mine shafts and remember, the trails are designed to be loops that return to the carpark, so even if you become a little unsure, you will soon identify where you are and, even if it takes a little longer, you will return to the start. Please Note: Conditions on the trails can vary. Be aware that in the wet season, high rainfall events can cause wash-outs, and during the dry season fire could temporarily close the tracks. Generally though, the trails are useable most of the year.

Trail Details & Safety Advice

The area covered by the Great Northern Fire Trails has been the scene of great activity for over 100 years. Yet when visited today, they provide a great escape from the bustle and pressure of modern living. All trails traverse some part of Herberton Hill (St Patrick Hill), responsible for a major share of tin production on the Herberton Mineral Field. As such you will encounter the evidence of past mining activity at various places along the walks. This may be in the form of old equipment, large and small mullock heaps and of course the mine shafts mentioned above.

In the interests of your safety you should not deviate from the trail or stand too close to the edge of any shaft. We also recommend you download the Emergency safety app
As a backup, let your family or someone responsible know where you are going.

Great Northern Mines 1.3km Easy Less than 1 hour
Macleod Street Trail 2.1kms Easy to moderate About 1 hour
Magazine Road Escape Trail 3.4kms Moderate About 1.5 hours
Mt Ida Firetrail 5.7kms Difficult (steep) 2.5 hours
Denbigh Road Trail 3kms Moderate 1.5 hours
Southern Firetrail 6kms Moderate 3 hours
Stewart Head Walk 12kms Moderate to difficult Most of a day.
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