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The Herberton Mining Museum is built on a part of the original Mining Freehold purchased by the men who discovered payable tin mineralisation on this site 19 April 1880.

The heritage-listed Great Northern Mine site and Herberton Mining Museum offer visitors of all ages the opportunity to dig into the past and explore. Make sure you allow sufficient time to enjoy all of the exhibits, displays and walks.  There are working mining exhibits and scale models, tin panning and interactive displays, several significant mineral collections as well as extensive walking trails.

It incorporates indoor and outdoor exhibits and displays. Tours and talks by passionate local volunteers are available.

The Great Northern Mine originally occupied a 24 hectare mine site, part of which the Museum stands on today. This was once the heart of a booming tin industry and it boomed in more ways than one! Herberton’s hills regularly rang with dynamite explosions, while the racket of machinery at the Great Northern Battery was an incessant backdrop to everyday life. Today the Herberton Mining Museum is a relaxing retreat amongst towering gums and houses stories of those early days.

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