Scientific/research value

Herberton Mining Museum Archives Collection

The Archives collections are important for historians researching the history of the region, whether industrial or social history. The dredging records are particularly significant as it appears they are the best collection of tin dredging records in a public institution. The most important records for mining history research are (asterisk indicates dredging records):

*Tableland Tin Dredge Records by dredgemasters 1940-1970s

Loloma Mine – handwritten accounts ledger book 1960s-70s

*Alluvial Gold Ltd handwritten cash book and journal 1930s-1980s

Bill Evans Collection

*Col Robinson Collection

Eddie Cohen Collection

Graham Greaves Collection (on loan), particularly North Qld Tin Producers Association records

Jessop Collection (part)

Jack Skennar Donation

NQ Monto Mining Collection

*Margaret Smith Collection

Mareeba Mines Office Collection

W. Madrid Collection

*Dingwall Collection

Fred Stamp Map Collection (Great Northern Mine)

*Ravenshoe Tin Dredging plans and maps, many hand drawn

*Tableland Tin Dredging plans and maps, many hand drawn

Pringle Collection

Herberton Rock Drillers Association

*Starkey Collection (from office of Arawa Hay)

Mt Garnet Freehold Smelting Records (digital

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